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    With the help of our great family, we are proud to announce the next chapter in our Club.  Our Recreation Program!  We are very excited to start this journey with all our family members and soon to be family members.  We believe this will help in the development of soccer players in our community.  We are dedicated to making the game of soccer fun and educational for all those in our community.  We look forward to seeing you on the field.  for more questions please feel free to email our Rec Director.

    9 week program for $95.00 full uniforms included (Jersey, Shorts, Socks)

    Axe Throwing with the Bulldogs! (Adults only)






    Join us for our 4th annual Bulldogs Night Out.   We will be throwing hatchets at the "Bury The Hatchet" in Old Bridge.   Come out to this great event and support the Bulldogs.   This is open to all the Bulldog Family members.

    March 21st from 7PM-9PM at "Bury the Hatchet" in Old Bridge/Matawan!

    Its Adults only & BYOB Click on the picture to register!

    Breaking News!  Bulldogs SC has partnered with Soccer Parenting Association

    BREAKING NEWS!!! Bulldogs SC has partnered with The Soccer Parenting Association

    Indoor Winter Soccer

    (Click on the Indoor Winter Soccer picture to do directly to registration)

    Bulldogs SC is here to help educate and enjoy the game of soccer to the surrounding communities.   Our program will begin January 11th at Sayreville Middle School and last for 9 weeks.  The Recreation  program will have "open play" times for each age group.  They will be 55 minute sessions every Saturday through the Winter starting in 2020.  Volunteers will be on hand to help organize each week.  Our program will be open to 5-11 years of age.  

    REC Will include: 

    •   9 weeks of 55 minute sessions starting January 11, 2019
    •  Saturday Mornings
    •  Concessions for sale at field as well as Bulldogs SC Spirit Gear

    Each Child is required to bring.

    - Indoor Sneakers (no cleats)

    - Shirt
    - Shinguards and Socks
    - Shorts or Pants
    - Water/Sport Drink for water breaks.

    Where:  Sayreville Middle School

    Address: 800 Washington Rd, Parlin, NJ 08859
    Dates: Saturdays Beginning 1/11/20
    Time; 9am-1pm (times to be determined per ages at later time)
    Price: $125.00 until 12/11  $135.00 after

    For more information or if you have any questions or concerns, please email:


    Bulldogs SC was founded in 2009 as an amateur Adult soccer club in the Old Bridge, NJ area. With help from our members we have established  4 adult teams and 10 youth teams. Our goal is to educate, grow and spread the game of soccer we have come to fall in love with. Our Motto is "Club is Family" and we truly live by that.  We support each and every member of our Family! 

    Bulldogs SC 10th year Anniversary!

    College Bound

    Click on this image for information on our college bound players

    Bulldogs SC 2009 Girls 2019 Fall Flight Champions

    BSC 2009 Girls Flight Champions

    Finishing the 2019 spring season in third place, the 2009 girls knew they had some work to do, if they wanted to make it to the top of their flight. They needed to push a little more. As the fall season began, that’s exactly what they did. The camaraderie was shining through on and off the field. They were excited to get to work at practice. Everyone could just tell that this was going to be “their season”. 

    They started off the season very strong, playing consistently from game to game. They won the first two games and tied the third. They continued with their winning streak after that tie, allowing only three goals in six games. They had a hard loss in their seventh game where four goals were scored against them. That didn’t stop them though. They came back to win their last three games and finish first in their flight with 8-1-1 record. They allowed 9 goals in 10 games, the least number allowed in their flight. Less than one goal per game. They scored 32 goals in the same 10 games, which is the largest number in their flight.

    They trained hard, sometimes in the heat, sometimes in the rain, and sometimes when it was just outright cold. They all showed their dedication by coming out and giving it their all at every practice and every game. They were proud of each other and it showed.

    We watched the offensive players grow into a confident line, pushing down the field, working together as one to get that goal. They talked to each other, passed the ball efficiently, and used all the skills they learned at the trainings. It was pretty amazing to have watched them grow from their first season to where they are now. They are unstoppable.

    The defensive players really improved their skills this season as well. The girls took ownership of their positions. They knew what to do when that ball came their way. They stopped the opposing team in it’s tracks, game after game. There wasn’t a weak spot in the team’s defense. If that ball did happen to get past one of them, the goalies were there to answer. They had some really incredible saves this season. They were brave and they were not afraid to dive for the ball.

    There was a new confidence in the 2009 Bulldogs this season. It was exciting to watch them come together and bond as friends and teammates. There is no doubt that together, these girls are destined for greatness!

    2006 Boys Looking for Players

    • Middle School Season Over? 
    • Looking to continue to play competitive? 
    • Looking to play in upcoming tournaments?  

    Bulldogs SC 2006 Boys are looking for players looking to play at the next level. 

    • competitive league play (MOSA)
    • quality training through fall/winter/spring
    • Tournaments  
    • For more information email:

    Calling all 2002, 2003, and 2004 Boys Players

    • High School Season Over? 
    • Looking to continue to play competitive? 
    • Looking to play in upcoming college showcase tournaments?  

    Bulldogs SC 2002 Boys and 2004 Boys are looking for players looking to play at the next level. 

    • competitive league play (EDP//MOSA)
    • quality training through fall/winter/spring
    • college showcase tournaments  
    • assistance with college profile for tounaments

    Click picture for more Information!!!

    The Soccer Parenting Association

    Proud partner of Bulldogs SC. Click for more information!

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